The Mission

Move One Million is a 100% free service to bring movement and togetherness to the world. Our goal is to move one million people every day.

At the top of every hour daily, we will broadcast the 2.5 minute M1M routine across the globe on multiple platforms from a free mobile app to social media, to broadcasts in schools, hospitals, assisted living homes, and cities across the globe.

Moving every day will be the first step for many to create a positive lifelong change. M1M will teach every human a routine to use at any time in their life to improve their physical and mental health.

And movement will bring us all together in such divided times.

Join us, and together we will do a world of good.

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 264 million people worldwide suffering from depression, over 284 million suffering from anxiety, and hundreds of millions more unreported.

Weight-related suffering is on an exponential rise around the world, with over 1 billion people struggling with obesity-related comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

And now in the era of a pandemic, the problems are only getting worse. Weight issues, depression, anxiety and suicide are at an all time high.

We are more sedentary than ever.

We are more divided than ever.

Move One Million was created with 3 objectives in mind

  1. To be the first step for millions of people to pursue a healthier life.
  2. To bring us together through movement. No division. Just humanity moving together for a better life.
  3. To create a culture of movement and wellness for a better quality of life for generations to come.


In the 1928, the country of Japan mandated a 3.5 minute radio broadcast of memorized daily movements performed to piano music.

At that time the average lifespan in Japan was only 45 years. The goal was to help improve the health of the nation and to bring them together.

It worked.

Today, Rajio Taiso is a ‘national routine’ performed at 6:30 am every morning, with nearly 27 million Japanese citizens from school children to corporations, construction workers to the elderly participating.

It is no wonder that Japan has now ranked among the top 5 healthiest countries in the world for over 6 decades straight - since 1955.

Rajio Taiso was the inspiration. And now the world needs something for the next generations to come; something powerful, something that can reach everyone…everywhere.

M1M is comprised of 13 memorized movements that enact the Hero’s Journey when performed with the music. The movements:

-Take the human body through its entire range of motion

-Stretch and activate every major muscle group in the body

-Increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, organs and muscles

-Reduce stress, loneliness, depression and anxiety  -Create a feeling of connection and accomplishment when completed togeth

Move One Million is for:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Physically Challenged
  • Overweight/Obese
  • Lonely and Depressed
  • Sedentary
  • Elderly
  • First Responders
  • Athletes
  • Move One Million is for EVERYONE!

The Hero’s Journey: written and performed by Chris Powell. Chris wrote the song 11 years ago, when he first began documenting the transformations of his heroes on Extreme Weight Loss. He wanted to tell the story of their journey through a song.
There was never a time or place to share the song…until now.
To reach across multiple generations we need something new, something hopeful and something powerful.

Chris Powell has been on a personal mission to eradicate weight-related suffering from humanity. He holds a degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State University, with concentrations in biomechanics and physiology. He also holds the respected CSCS certification from the NSCA.

Chris had the opportunity to help transform lives on ABC’s hit show ‘Extreme Weight Loss’, which aired for 5 seasons with tens of millions of viewers, and was aired across the globe to 148 countries worldwide. He is 2x NYT Best-selling author, and regular contributor to many national and international publications and broadcasts.

12 years ago, after losing everything and living out of his car, Chris got a tattoo of the Roman numerals one through one million down his side. It was his promise that somehow in his life he would make a positive change in 1 million lives.

After his own recent personal struggles and seeing the devastation from the isolation the world is living under, Chris was inspired to re-engage with his mission and fulfill the promise every day as his service to the world.

Together with his remarkable team, they set out to create a standardized movement routine for humanity - Move One Million. Your daily participation now makes you a part of the M1M team, and together we will do a world of good!